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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I guess that it is official...I do yoga. I have been to two sessions and have survived. I am taking it on base/station with a girlfriend of mine from the squadron...Kathleen. We are at a VERY small naval station and so the class if offered once a week and the instructor is a volunteer. It is a great class. Everyone in the class is new to yoga, so she takes it somewhat slow, yet very challenging, and it isn't crazy serious. We are there every Saturday. I am always surprised at how many guys are in the class! I had no idea that men in the military would be so into yoga. So far there have been about five of us that have been there consistently, with about ten others that try it once and I haven't seen back. I felt old this past Saturday in class. Come to find out, most of the people in the class are pilot training students at the base. They are all here to get their wings and move on...and all way younger than me. That is OK though. Hopefully their youth will rub off on me! I also attempted kickboxing on Friday. (Kathleen talked me into it.) I will save that story for another post!

On a side note, after applying for unemployment, I received a call from a company that I have been trying to get an interview with since my lay-off at Thanksgiving. I have a meeting/interview on Thursday. Hopefully I will have good news to report at the end of the week!

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Davita said...

I love yoga...and pilates. AND...I've never taken a kickboxing class that did not make me want to curse loudly. :) I'm glad that you are enjoying your classes!