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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fraud and Unemployment

Taris is on a cross-country in Dallas and called me at 12:26 this morning. He asked if I had used the credit card to purchase a big trip. I could not grasp what was going on, since I had been sleeping! Apparently, someone out in the world has gotten our credit card number and bought a plane ticket. Can you believe it? I have been racking my brain trying to figure out where I went wrong? Was it one of the companies that I bought Christmas gifts from? Was it the stores from the mall? I have come up blank! There is nothing that will strike fear into a person faster than finding out that someone is out there having a hay day on your credit! (I have been reassured that I have zero liability and I appreciate that, but that is beside the point.) I will keep you updated as things progress...they tell us that it should be resolved in one week. I hope that is true!

On another note, I filed unemployment yesterday. Florida is very high tech and I was able to do it all online with out having to take myself down to the office. They will have a ruling (on whether I qualify) within two weeks. I certainly hope that I will not have to be on it long.

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Davita said...

That is scary! I hope it all works out soon!