The Hawkins Family

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bath Time with Kendall

Kendall likes bath time...until she has to get out and dry off. I was able to snap a few pictures of the event.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Mason loves to mow! I mean this kid wants to go out every morning, afternoon, and evening to push his kiddie mower around the yard or in the house. He and I would hang out on Aunt X's (that is all he can say right now) porch every morning to push the mower around the yard and I would sit on the porch and swing.

He also loves to wear hats. He thinks that he has to have one on everyday. He wears them very low and has to tilt his head up just to see you. It is too funny.

I took the camera out one day to get some shots. He is so cute! Can't you just eat him up!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sip and See

On Saturday, we had a sip and see for Kendall. It was a great time. We met Alexis' friends from church, met up with family, and got to see some older friends from her college days. Kendall was excellent and the day was great. Christy Norris and her mom did an awesome job putting the whole thing together. Enjoy the pictures.

Alexis with her college friends

The girl Cousins with the kids

Gramms with Kendall

Maw-maw started the Precious Moments train

Friday, August 21, 2009

Update on the Plans!

I always knew that the Air Force had a sense of humor! Of course they do...when you decide to massively update everyone via blogger. Anyway, things for our new adventure are still being tweaked and when we have concrete proof I will let you know. Although, for the record...the current plans have been in place for a couple of months now. More to come!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the Moving Destination is...

First let me say that I can't believe that I have finally hit 100 posts!! I wasn't sure if this would ever happen! Anyway, I know that none of you are reading this to hear about my 100th post, but I wanted to make it a special one and so I have waited to officially tell everyone in blogger land what the latest assignment Taris had to inform some family members about it first.

The big news is that we will not be moving! In fact we will be here in Pensacola for one more year! So sorry to all of you who thought that we would be joining you in the Mother Land of C-130's...Little Rock. I say we will be here and the dogs. Taris has volunteered for a year long remote tour to teach Pilot Training with the Italians in the dessert. We weighed the options and decided that we would rather volunteer for a job that he will enjoy, than "voluntold". Plus, we decided that it would be easier to do one of these before we had kids. I should say that we have thought long and hard, weighed the pros and cons, and I have done much praying about our decision. This has not been a smooth road...lots of ups and downs, but we are excited about what this new adventure will be for us.

Taris will be headed for some training at the beginning of September for a month and will leave directly from there for Italy for two months. His tour will actually start around the end of November or early December. I will be taking a leave of absence from my job in order to spend a good month in Italy with him and we are really excited about the many weekend adventures that we will have.

I ask that you keep Taris in your prays as he heads off to do what he loves to do and for me to stay sane with a full time job and three dogs with family miles away. (I am not worried...we have awsome neighbors and a good squadron.)

When we know more, I will fill you in. Right now, Taris is trying to fit in all of the family visits that he can.

So, Happy 100th and let the adventure begin!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shopping Adventure

On Friday we loaded up the kids and went to Allen to FINALLY get Mom that Coach purse that we gave her money for from her birthday. We had two full cars that headed to the outlets and had a great time. Mom got two great purses for under $200 and I myself got a good sized purse for only $72...originally $300 AND a passport cover! Super excited to take that cover around the world. We had lunch at PF Chang's, then finished up with Children't Place, Gymboree, Stride Rite, and Cole Haan. We were all so tired by the time we made it back to the house, we ended up skipping the meal we had planned and had leftovers instead. Sorry no puctures of the new merchandise, but didn't lug that big camera around with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going Home and the Dallas Zoo

Well, I have made the trek back home to Dallas to see Kendall (now that she is out of the hospital) and to remind Mason that Auntie E is not just the lady from the computer with the plane picture hanging in the background. The flight was wonderful and on time...could ask for more these days. I also checked my bags for the first time in a long time and they arrived. My new luggage travels wonderfully. They whole gang was there to pick me up and we began our trek home. But not without a stop to Rosa's for dinner and Sam's and Wal-mart for groceries. So I landed at 5:30 and finally made it to the house around 10:00.

Today we went to the Dallas Zoo! Mason LOVES the zoo and really loves the giraffes! At the Abilene zoo you are allowed to feed the giraffes (they have this bridge that brings you to their level, but you are not permitted to feed the animals in Dallas. Kendall really enjoyed herself...she slept the entire time and I of course only made it in two pictures, one of which is not on my camera. So until I can procure it, please enjoy the medley of Mason, Kedall, and my sisters!

I am already leaving my mark...I taught Mason to bump. He thinks it is the coolest (and funniest) thing...Uncle Ashley (Alexis' husband) could believe Mason didn't know what that was. We have moved on to blowing it up...apparently not as easy to master!

Mason hanging out with me in the front yard while we waited for everyone else to get ready. He calls me E...I figured he could at least get a letter down, we will work on Auntie E later.

Poor Kendall...slept through all of the action

My only picture of me at the zoo...Kendall is pictured in the stroller

Aunt Alexis with the kids...can you see Kendall's head?

Flamingos...what more can I say

Alexis and Rachel

Mason looking at the giraffes

Rachel, Mason, and the giraffe

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marriage Retreat

So back in early July, Taris and I had the opportunity to take another CREDO marriage retreat. (The Navy Chaplains office puts them on for all people stationed in the or contract.) This time it was in another Marriott. The location was awesome and the weekend was great. We learned a lot of the same stuff, but I think that I absorbed more this time. We had a fabulous time and would totally recommend one of these to you...especially when they don't cost you a dime!

The view from our room...Mobile Bay. We were on the 20th floor.

Had a great location...right across the street from the IMAX and Explorium

Taris playing the harp

Me pulling myself on the pulley weight

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lowe's Motor Speedway

For our anniversary I let Taris plan our trip...where ever he wanted to go. He has been dying to take me to a Nascar race, and so we headed to Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. We had a great weekend and I enjoyed my first experience witnessing all that is "race day". For those that have pre-conceived notions, let me say that these are some of the nicest fans I have ever seen. Just truly something you don't see outside of Texas. The race was Memorial Day weekend and so it was a HUGE military celebration. The only problem is that the race rained out on Sunday, so we had to go back on Monday to finish. We didn't get to see the whole race, but it was an anniversary that I will never forget. Hope that you enjoy the pictures!

All of the car trailers lined up

The Army guys starting their demonstration

Taris' favorite driver...Jimmie Johnson

Coming down the track...we were on the finish line

On Monday, in the middle of the race they stopped it, had all of the pit crews come out on pit road for a moment of silence

Putting the cover on...riding out the storm that never let up. They called the race while we were waiting in traffic.

Monday, August 10, 2009


We have nicknames for all of our dogs. Our oldest (I say original) is really named Abbie (Abbigail), but we always refer to her as Beautiful. My mom says that we have to call her that because she isn't really. Anyway, Abbie was playing chase with Kacey in the house when she let out a yelp. Now, Abbie is my dog and she is a little overweight...I believe the vet says on the cusp of obese. She whines about a lot of things, so Taris and I don't think a lot of it. She has been limping around the house for a week...Taris says she is faking, but I got him to take her to the vet yesterday. She wasn't faking...she has torn her ACL! She has to have surgery for the low cost of only $2500!! I should say that with three dogs, we have been very blessed with super healthy dogs and non of them has ever been injured or sick. Roxanne's biggest concern is getting drops for her ears...she will probably need tubes next or something. Anyway, for now Abbie is continuing to limp around the house until we can work the schedule out for surgery. I know this post must seem ridiculous to most of you, but for us the dogs are our kids...and right now I feel like such a bad mom for not taking her to the vet earlier. Stay tuned...there is certainly more to come in this saga!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


At the end of May, I got myself a plane ticket and headed to Oklahoma City for one last visit with Kathleen. She was headed to Japan for three years. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but Kathleen squeezed in a couple. We had a fantastic time...we saw the town, hung out in Bricktown ( Dallas West End), and shopped...a lot.

The weekend flew by, but I was so glad to see her one last time before I have to make the big leap to Japan to check in.