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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going Home and the Dallas Zoo

Well, I have made the trek back home to Dallas to see Kendall (now that she is out of the hospital) and to remind Mason that Auntie E is not just the lady from the computer with the plane picture hanging in the background. The flight was wonderful and on time...could ask for more these days. I also checked my bags for the first time in a long time and they arrived. My new luggage travels wonderfully. They whole gang was there to pick me up and we began our trek home. But not without a stop to Rosa's for dinner and Sam's and Wal-mart for groceries. So I landed at 5:30 and finally made it to the house around 10:00.

Today we went to the Dallas Zoo! Mason LOVES the zoo and really loves the giraffes! At the Abilene zoo you are allowed to feed the giraffes (they have this bridge that brings you to their level, but you are not permitted to feed the animals in Dallas. Kendall really enjoyed herself...she slept the entire time and I of course only made it in two pictures, one of which is not on my camera. So until I can procure it, please enjoy the medley of Mason, Kedall, and my sisters!

I am already leaving my mark...I taught Mason to bump. He thinks it is the coolest (and funniest) thing...Uncle Ashley (Alexis' husband) could believe Mason didn't know what that was. We have moved on to blowing it up...apparently not as easy to master!

Mason hanging out with me in the front yard while we waited for everyone else to get ready. He calls me E...I figured he could at least get a letter down, we will work on Auntie E later.

Poor Kendall...slept through all of the action

My only picture of me at the zoo...Kendall is pictured in the stroller

Aunt Alexis with the kids...can you see Kendall's head?

Flamingos...what more can I say

Alexis and Rachel

Mason looking at the giraffes

Rachel, Mason, and the giraffe

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