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Monday, August 10, 2009


We have nicknames for all of our dogs. Our oldest (I say original) is really named Abbie (Abbigail), but we always refer to her as Beautiful. My mom says that we have to call her that because she isn't really. Anyway, Abbie was playing chase with Kacey in the house when she let out a yelp. Now, Abbie is my dog and she is a little overweight...I believe the vet says on the cusp of obese. She whines about a lot of things, so Taris and I don't think a lot of it. She has been limping around the house for a week...Taris says she is faking, but I got him to take her to the vet yesterday. She wasn't faking...she has torn her ACL! She has to have surgery for the low cost of only $2500!! I should say that with three dogs, we have been very blessed with super healthy dogs and non of them has ever been injured or sick. Roxanne's biggest concern is getting drops for her ears...she will probably need tubes next or something. Anyway, for now Abbie is continuing to limp around the house until we can work the schedule out for surgery. I know this post must seem ridiculous to most of you, but for us the dogs are our kids...and right now I feel like such a bad mom for not taking her to the vet earlier. Stay tuned...there is certainly more to come in this saga!

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Kathleen said...

My goodness. Poor Abby!! I can't believe that she got hurt. I hope that everything turns out okay. I will be thinking about all of you.