The Hawkins Family

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pearl Harbor

On Monday, we packed Ashley and Alexis up for the airport and took them to Pearl Harbor.  They have a great walk through museum that sets up the events of December 7.  There is also a submarine and battleship that you can tour (which we didn't have time to do).  After the Arizona, we did lunch, dropped Taris off at work, and explored the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island.  It was so neat.  The museum is actually housed in original hangars from the area.  It was a great way to end the weekend.  We were so glad that Ashley and Alexis were able to stay a few days extra to see us.

View of the Bowfin, Ford Island bridge, and Honolulu

Ready to watch the informational movie before getting on the boat

Part of the Arizona

All of those that have survived the Arizona and have since passed away

View from the memorial wall

One of the two anchors that are on battleships

A diagram of where the memorial is located in relation
to the ship under water

The parks service guide that answered all of the questions

Entrance to the Arizona Memorial

Bowfin submarine

We tried out the simulators.  Taris would NOT have been proud.

Getting ready to hop into the cockpit

Alexis had a hard time landing.  Fourth time was the charm...sort of

Tractor used on the only privately owned island in Hawaii.  The Robinson
family (the owns...still) tilled the entire island so that it was not able to be
used as a landing area by the enemy.

Plane from the Doolittle Raid

Close up of a plane from the Doolittle Raid

One of the original hangars during the attack has
now been added to the Pacific Aviation Museum

Original gun from one of the ships from battleship row

The blue glass is original glass with original bullet holes from the attack of
Pearl Harbor

Sunday, October 16, 2011

North Shore

On our last full day, we took Ashley and Alexis to the North Shore to see some LOST sights and to experience Matsumoto's...the BEST shave ice on the island.  The shave ice did not disappoint.  It was SO good!  It was a bit windy and not super warm, but we had a great time enjoying the sunshine and relaxing after all of the excitement from the snorkeling and luau from the day before.

Policeman Beach...the original beach used for LOST.
This is where the first season was filmed and where the
plane crash and original camp was set up.
(Alexis LOVES the LOST show.)

Plenty windy.  Great day for kite surfing!

More snorkeling.  I supervised and kept an eye on our stuff.

Taris holding ours...we shared.  Lots of sugar
for us, since we don't eat any,

Everyone in front of the sign

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paradise Cove

While Ashely and Alexis were here, they wanted to make sure that they went to a luau.  I did my research and Paradise Cove was listed as number one.  So, we tried it out.  They had lots of activities to partake in and they put on an excellent show.  Once again, tons of pictures!

Another great sunset