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Sunday, October 16, 2011

North Shore

On our last full day, we took Ashley and Alexis to the North Shore to see some LOST sights and to experience Matsumoto's...the BEST shave ice on the island.  The shave ice did not disappoint.  It was SO good!  It was a bit windy and not super warm, but we had a great time enjoying the sunshine and relaxing after all of the excitement from the snorkeling and luau from the day before.

Policeman Beach...the original beach used for LOST.
This is where the first season was filmed and where the
plane crash and original camp was set up.
(Alexis LOVES the LOST show.)

Plenty windy.  Great day for kite surfing!

More snorkeling.  I supervised and kept an eye on our stuff.

Taris holding ours...we shared.  Lots of sugar
for us, since we don't eat any,

Everyone in front of the sign

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