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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I went to the eye doctor today for the first time in two years. I felt like my eyes were getting worse and I needed to get an updated prescription. Apparently, I am crazy. My eyes haven't changed but slightly, but because of my work on the computer constantly, it is causing me to wear my glasses more often. As a girl who can never seem to remember her glasses or seems to always sit on them, I decided to venture into the realm of ... contacts! It is day one...they are a little weird. I am supposed to wear them for 4-6 hours today, 6-8 on Wed., 8-10 Thurs., and then should be good to go on Friday. I am supposed to go back to the doctor in two weeks to report on how they feel and how I did, and then get the official ones! I have an astigmatism, so I never thought there would be a day that contacts would be an option...not to mention that I would have to wear glasses ALL the time. Anyway, being unemployed I am always excited when I have something to blog about!

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