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Friday, January 18, 2008


So last night I went to my first "Navy" gathering. I use the term Navy because we girls in the Air Force don't have a party with this particular theme. We had a COW party. It is a party to honor the incoming Commanding Officer's Wife...COW. The idea was to bring cow themed gifts for the wife. It was so much fun. Living in Florida, there isn't a whole lot of cow themed anything, so I channeled my inner craftiness and sat down to sew. (Side note...I was fortunate to get my Nana's sewing machine and cabinet this past Christmas. It is circa 1952 and I am honored to have the opportunity to use it. It runs really well, considering the age and I only need basics right now anyway.) I found a pattern and taught myself how to sew. I made a cow purse (with the furry fabric) with bandanna lining and handles. I must say that I am a little sad to have given away the very first thing that I have sewn, but I hope that she uses it often. It was by no means perfect, but I have certainly gotten the sewing bug in me now and can't stop myself. Sewing is so much faster and easier than knitting!

The finished product!

The inside.

I also brought a dessert. I decided to make cow cupcakes. They weren't perfect, but for a quick 20 minutes they didn't turn out too bad.

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Tammy said...

That purse is so very cute. I am going to a COW Party soon and would love to try my talents at a similiar purse. Where did you find the pattern? Any tips to someone else who is going to a purse.