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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Job Hunting

For those of you that may not have known, I was laid off from a mortgage company the Tuesday of Thanksgiving. It was a sub-prime company and there were two offices in Pensacola. It was inevitable that they would combine the two, I just never thought that it would be me on the chopping block. I lost out to a wonderful lady who has been with the company for over ten years. I understand seniority, no hard feelings. I tell you all of the background info in order to say this...

If there are so many jobs available, why can I not even get a face to face with anyone? I am baffled! I don't get it. I must have sent my resume out to over 50 different places. I have yet to get a call from one! I have worked through temp agencies...nothing. Am I blacklisted and don't know it? Is it the previous company that I worked for...unemployable because my last job was with "XYZ Finance"? If someone has figured it out, please tell me. I would love to know! It is a very humbling experience to know that if you could just get the opportunity to get in front of a company that you can totally sell yourself (and you would give anything for that opportunity), but you can't even get past door number 1! I am a like able girl. I am a hard worker, hate to make a mistake more than once, and am fired up about any opportunity for a job to prove myself. I feel like on my resume from now on I should put under my last job "not my downsized...lost to thought it would be cheaper to pay me to leave than her". Is that legal? If I get one more rejection, I just might have to!

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Davita Jo said...

Looking for a job is NO FUN! I'll be praying for you...keep me updated! And again...if you get REALLY should fly up here for a vacation!