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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spa Day

So, I decided to be super adventurous and go on an ITT trip by myself with people that I did not know.  The bus took us two hours south of Naples, to a little place near Salerno.  The spa was a Thermal Spa with a spring running through it.  Now, it was not just any spring, but a sulphur spring...I know you know where I am going with this.  The odor as you stepped off the bus and into the Spa was enough to knock you out!  It smelled like roting eggs something fierce.  The trip came with a massage, facial, and lunch.  What I wasn't told, was that it also came with a dip on the sulphur spring pool.  (As a side note: I came to Italy knowing that it would be freezing for the majority of my time and thus would not be getting into the water here.)  We go in, go to change, and meet in the holding area while we wait our turn.  (The holding area being to pool.) 

Ok.  So I have no bathing suit and nothing to change into...nor did I bring any flip flops.  I finally convince them that I need a robe (through the language barrier) and they are able to find me a "costume" to wear for only 30 euro.  (Costume in Italy is code for bathing suit.)  Let me tell you about my new costume.  Two things that I notice right away: there is no liner in the chest (I NEED one of those) and it looks like something I might expect my Nana to wear...but apparently when you are outside the size 2 body frame, you take what you can get. 

The massage was great...not like an American massage though.  The therapist didn't leave the room for me to get undressed, I was just told to take off the top part of my bathing suit and lay down.  It was strange, but the lady knew what she was doing.  I also paid for a pedicure.  It was great...there is a lot of walking to do here and it really tears up your feet.  After everyone was done, we were shipped up to the top of the hill to the Hotel for lunch.  The food was great: pasta, then steak with green beans and fries (they love fries here), and fruit kabobs.  The lunch alone was worth the price of the trip.  I had a great time and met some very nice ladies.  It was the best International Women's Day yet!

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