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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Arriving in Rome

Taris and I headed to Rome today.  We took the train from Naples up there.  It took about two and half hours, but we had a good time.  When we got there, we hit the ground running.  We only had three days to see it all.  And there is a lot to see.  We arrived in Rome around noon.  We went to the tourist office for the Roma pass.  (If you ever find yourself in is a must purchase.)  The Roma Pass is good for three days and includes: entrance to two sites/museum free, with a discount on all other attractions and all of the riding you can do on public transportation.  It was 25 euro each and well worth the price.  More to come...

On the train

Getting ready to go.  It had been raining...not great for the hair.

Scenery from the train

Couldn't tell, but it looked like they were setting up for the FIFA World Cup Trophy tour

Then we saw this sign...missed by a day.  Taris was not happy with me.  I quickly reminded him that it snowed that day too.

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