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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Amalfi Coast

Being in the city, we were ready to get away from all of the riff raff and just get away.  The closest thing to peace and quiet is the Amalfi Coast.  We had three great days to escape and unwind.  Wow!  Love this place.  Ready to get a vacation home here and never leave!  I am the type of person that thinks that you should come home from vacation needing a vacation.  If I wanted to relax, I would stay at home and save my money.  But, the Amalfi Coast may have changed my mind.  We stayed in Amalfi, although if we come back we will probably stay in Ravello.  We were there at the end of the off season, so I can only imagine the insanity when the heat picks up and the little bit of beach gets full.  There is really only one main highlight of Amalfi...the church.  (I might be about churched out these days.)  I won't bore you with more writing, I will let all of the pictures speak for themselves.

on our way Sorrento

Naples and Mt. Vesuvius


St. Andrew...the saint of Amalfi

Supposedly Andrew's bones are here...brought in from the Crusades
(By the way, that is Andrew from the of the original apostles.)

Church sanctuary

The ceiling...amazing!

This was the fountain outside.  It was just way to bizare not to take a picture of.

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