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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I had such big plans for us to see all of Pompeii AND climb Mt. Vesuvius.  Obviously, I forgot who I was going with.  We had to make decisions and sacrifices and we sacrificed Vesuvius for the ruins.  Taris had a marvelous time going inch by inch.  (Don't get me wrong, they were really interesting the first three hours, but all of the house start to look the same as the day wears on.)  We took the Circumvesuviana train out there and back and opted to go full public transport to get to the train station as opposed to paying the extra 2 euros each to take the Alibus.  I am really getting into the adventure of it all these days.  Pompeii was nice, quiet, and very historic.  Enjoy the pictures.

Vesuvius in the background

The baths

Beware of the dog

hydrating in the middle of the ruins

used to grind wheat

one of the many bakeries found

great hand mosaic work and got Taris and I in the picture

another mosaic piece

the Pompeii colosseum

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