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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Rest of Rome

After I drug Taris out of the Colosseum and Forum, we hiked up the hill to Capital Hill and museum.  We continued down the road and came across the famous steps at Santa Maria in Aracoeli.  Roman women used to climb all 125 steps on their knees in hopes of a child.  (Taris tried to get me to do that.  I told him I wasn't that desperate yet...although he offered to do it for me.  Ha! Ha!)  We went to the Victor Emmanuel Monument.  The monument is the largest equestrian statue in the world.  Victor Emmanuel is the first king of Italy.  (To put it into perspective, the mustache on Victor Emmanuel is five feet long.)  At this monument is Italy's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Eternal Flame.  From the monument, if you turn around with your back to it you can see the balcony that Mussolini gave his fascist speeches from.  We made it to the Pantheon and on to the Trevi fountain as the sun was setting.  (Which I recommend...the fountain looked great all lit up.)  Enjoy all of the pictures!

In the background is a Michelangelo statue of Marcus Aurelius

The famous 125 steps

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Victor Emmanuel Monument

The Mussolini Balcony

The Pantheon

The roof...the hole in the top is open.  It was raining.

where Victor Emmanuel is the Pantheon

Trevi Fountain...down the road from our hotel

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