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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The National Archeology Museum

On Saturday, Taris and I had the adventure of finding the Archeology Museum here in Naples.  It was quite exciting.  We road the subway!  (It was my first time on one.)  The museum was really neat.  On the first floor, it is all sculptures...mostly marble.  The highlight is the Farnese Bull.  It is the largest sculpture made out of a single piece of marble.  It was sculpted by several artists.
On the second floor of the museum, were the "best of the best" artifacts found in Pompeii.  They were very interesting.  Most of their paintings were done on large pieces of stone and thus were able to survive the volcano.

We had a great time riding the subway home and figuring out how the exchange station worked.  Below are a few pictures.  I won't bore you with all of the pictures that Taris and I took of the museum.

Farnese Bull

Taris with a statue...just to put into perspective how big some of these statues really are

All of the ceiling is painted.  It was impressive.

What Pompeii looked like when they excavated

Gladiator helmet and protection

The subway

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