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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Shoes

Here is a picture of a pair of shoes that I bought while on the shopping excursion with Kathleen to Destin. Please notate that something appears to be awry with them. For those of you with pets, I am sure that you have figured it out by now! Our youngest, Kacey...the pitiful one with the gash on her side, decided that she is still chewing, but only selectively and only items that smell of fresh/new leather. I left the shoes on the floor in the living room with the dogs out while I ran to the grocery store and a couple of errands. I knew something was wrong when I got back and Kacey wouldn't come near me. She had destroyed them. This is what I get for trying to trust our little angels too much! Needless to say, I am very careful (once again) about what we leave out when we are not around. Not to mention that because of Kacey, they have lost their privilege to not be kenneled when we are not around (for short periods). Certainly a tough lesson to learn.

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The Perkins' said...

Oh my! Your youngest child is not on her BEST BEHAVIOR!!! I'm sure she was just rebeling because you left her for a bit, but I know she will become a mature adult soon.