The Hawkins Family

Monday, February 11, 2008


Kacey is our youngest dog. She is one and 1/2 and SO still a puppy. Yesterday while she and Roxanne (the middle dog) were playing "wild kingdom", Kacey got injured! It looked bad, but not terrible. She wouldn't let me really investigate it. When Taris got home from his cross-country, we cleaned the wound with peroxide and neosporin. She was so good about the whole thing. She went for her yearly wellness exam today at the vet's office so I had them take a look at it. She said that she would need to shave the area so that she could get a better look. Let me tell hair at the sight of the gash makes quite a difference! I feel like such a terrible mother. We should have taken her to the dogie emergency room last night! It was MUCH deeper than we thought. I got some antibiotics for her to take and some ointment that is to be applied twice a day. She was so good. Hopefully she will heal up in no time! Below is the picture of the gash.

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