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Friday, February 22, 2008


I arrived in Dallas around 7:30 last night. That was not the best timing I have done, but I had to pull over at one point and wait for about 30 minutes for the rain to clear! Did I mention that it rained the whole way until Shreveport, then it just became a foggy drizzle. I couldn't believe how busy it was for daytime travel across the country on a Thursday!

Anyway, plans have changed and I am adapting! Alexis got sinusitis on Tuesday, went to the doctor on Wednesday, and Rae and Mawmaw decided (per doctors recommendation) that they not come into Dallas. So...I am headed to Abilene this evening for a quick night trip and will be coming back to Dallas on Saturday afternoon. Hey, what is three more hours! Well, I better's SCRAPBOOK TIME!!

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DavitaJo said...

Congrats on rolling with the changes. I am SO not good at that! : ) I hope that your time in Texas was/is fabulous. Safe travels!