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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glass Making

While making salt, we discovered that we could create some glass items.  We decided to make beads.  It was SO much fun.  After all three of us made beads, Kathleen and Taris created key chains (Taris made mine) and I made a necklace for Taris.  Brace yourselves...more pictures.

the color options

Starting my glass bead

Kathleen making her bead

Not my best look, but it is one of the few that I am in

Taris starting his bead

Taris melting the glass for his bead (for me)

Finally built on the rod.  Making it even and smooth

The beads took an hour

The extra beads used to make our items

Taris making my key chain

Kathleen's key chain

Taris with the key chain he made for me

Taris sporting his new necklace

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