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Friday, May 20, 2011

Shuri Castle

One of the only castles still standing after the wars on Okinawa is Shuri Castle.  We went out there for the day while Jackson was at school.  The rain was coming down in sheets when we left, but the sky finally cleared out when we got to the castle.  It was beautiful.  Such great history.  I even convinced Taris to become a full fledged tourist and dress in time period costume and get our picture taken!  I won't post all of the photos, just a few highlights.

Entrance to the castle.  This is the original enrty.

View of the castle from the ground

View of the area of Kathleen's house

Very Japanese.  They love the peace sign in pictures.  I guess you could say it is their "cheese"

Taris and I in our fancy outfits

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