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Monday, May 23, 2011

American Village Ferris Wheel and the Arcade

Today the Marshall's took us to "American Village" to ride the ferris wheel.  It is huge...and on top of a building.  They do some crazy things in Japan.  Turns out, every Sunday is "couples day" and you buy one ticket, get one free...awesome!!  Anyway, the wheel actually never stops turning, it just goes SO slow that you have plenty of time to climb into the cage and secure the door.  It was a great time and some GREAT views!

Can you believe it...a picture of me?!?!  Getting ready to take off!

The Marshall's neighborhood

So serious!!  Steve and Kathleen battling it out on
Japan's version of Rock Band.

This was just too funny to pass up.  This shirt was for
sale in one of the shops.  They love "American" things.
Can you find the error?

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Team Jaeski said...

Oh my goodness, that shirt reminds me of a trip my brother and his wife took to China. They saw a shirt in a little hole in the wall shop that said "Supper Dog". It was supposed to say "Super Dog". They nearly died laughing!