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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Touring Napa Valley and Wine Country

Since we had some time to kill in California, we decided to head to Wine Country for the day.  We had lunch and toured a little in Suisun Valley, then headed to Napa.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day and a great place to go back to visit.  I told Taris that next time we would have to do the Napa Wine train tour!  The one thing that I didn't seem to get a picture of was the cupcakery that we went to...Sift.  They won Cupcake Wars on Food Network.  They were tasty and it was neat to go somewhere that was famous.

lunch eatery

sign at Mankas Corner

where we tasted and purchased our wine

the crazy protesters...oh California

they had some great art all over the downtown area

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