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Friday, May 13, 2011

The End of Space A...and the begining of commercial

We spent a WONDERFUL week in Hawaii with our friends (and sponsors of our new base), the Graham's, but time was getting close to when we HAD to be in Japan.  See, we had been trying to catch a flight the entire week.  We came to Hawaii because there were SO many flights going to Kadena from there.  Of course, once we got to Hawaii there seemed to be a lot fewer flights.  When a flight finally came through with some promise, it was completely full before it even originated from Travis.  (Apparently, you can't win for trying!) 

Taris and I contemplated buying an airline ticket for me and him getting there when he finally gets there with Space A.  I kept putting off the idea because I hated to think that we were going to have to BUY a ticket!  In case you are new to the blog, my traveling adventures have not been without a few bumps in the road....I have three words for you Charles de Gaulle.  Did you know that half the week that we were in Hawaii, Japan (more importantly Okinawa) was experiencing an early typhoon!  So, the five flights that were originally scheduled to arrive at Kadena were being diverted to Yukota (Tokyo) which is several ISLANDS away!! 

Three days before the Sunday that we had to be there, there was a flight that had seats available to Kadena with a hop in the middle to Guam....not normally a big deal.  I had a terrible feeling about the flight.  Turns out that it was going to stay on the ground 24 hrs in Guam.  Normally that is no big deal, but let me do the math for you.  The flight was going to leave around 12 am Hawaii time.  The flight is around five hours long.  That would be 1 am local time...the NEXT day...Saturday.  We would then stay on the ground 24 hrs (two nights in a hotel) and leave Sunday morning around 2 am.  If everything stayed on track, we would literally be walking from the plane straight to church.  I am sorry, but I have to put my foot down.  Taris and I talked about it and decided to throw the money down and buy 2 last minute tickets that left the next day.  The flights were smooth and easy.  We even stopped for a snack at the Tokyo airport.  We made it there on Saturday night and were up and ready to go for church the next 8:00!

Taris enjoying his lunch

What was left after my lunch of gyoza (dumplings)


The sunset over Tokyo

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RuninDC said...

Estee, Thank you for your lovely post and chronicle. I am in San Diego scheduled to catch a C-40 to Hickam this Thursday. From there, I hope to catch a flight to Yokota. I am a military retiree and travellng alone. What are my chances? Thanks