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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Seawall and Cocko's

A visit to Okinawa is not complete without a trip to Cocko's for some pampering!  They specialize in manicures and pedicures....and they are amazing.  Kathleen and I both got pedicures.  These are not quite the same in the states...not a lot of soaking, but they make up for it in the AMAZING art for your feet!  And I do mean amazing!  As you are getting your service you look through these books that have 2,000 designs and then you have to settle on just one!  Let me tell you, it is tough.  All of the designs are hand painted and the detail is just exquisite.  Enough about it, here is the picture:

The Marshall's live just two blocks from the seawall.  It was such a lovely evening to walk to area and just take it all in.  The seawall has graffiti on a large section of, which makes it interesting.

The helicopters were doing some training along the see wall

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