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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming Fun

On Sunday, after everyone caught up on their sleep we lounged around the pool.  We didn't get in because the water was way too cold.  You would not have known it from the way that Jake and Cassie could not stop jumping for the ball and frisbee.  Alexis put Kendall in her baby pool and she could hardly contain herself with all of her excitement.  (She loves taking a bath, so Alexis knew that she would love swimming.)  Jake and Cassie are first in the line of pictures and Kendall comes in second.  All three of them seemed to have WAY too much fun.

Cassie LOVES the diving board

Jake doesn't know the rule about no running around the pool

Cassie's favorite thing to retrieve from the pool...her frisbee

Jake's favorite toy...his ball

Kendall channeling her inner Auntie E.  The dogs splashed her
and she was not impressed

Alexis and Ashley

The only picture of me

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pool toys said...

oh wow - she is absolutely beautiful!She is having a lot of fun with her pool toys too.