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Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Tucker

Meet Baby Tucker Alan Perkins.  He has had one roller coaster of a life so far.  He was born on May 17 with what the doctors thought were "wet lungs".  It turns out that he actually had underdeveloped lungs and spent some time in the "extra care" nursery.  Rae and Mike roomed in with Tucker on Sunday and everything was successful and they were able to go home on Monday.  I am headed to Abilene on Friday night and can't wait to meet Tucker for the first time!  Until then, here are some pictures that Al and Rae sent me.

Rae holding her bitty baby blanket from Al and me

Grams, Pops, and Kendall...waiting to see Baby Tucker

Rae with Baby Tucker

Rae with Big Brother Mason

Mike with Mason

Tucker in his oxygen bubble

Tucker with just his nasal cannula.  Isn't he a cutie!!

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