The Hawkins Family

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Kathleen and I are single this weekend. Both husbands are on cross-countries. So, we decided to go out. We head to Chili's...the only restaurant option in Pace. We are patiently waiting for a table when we see a kid (about 10-11 yrs old). I thought nothing of it, but the look on Kathleen's face was priceless. I asked what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that the kid with the long hair was a boy. I said no way, not possible. Not one minute later, the family comes back out and believe me when I say it was the craziest mullet I have ever seen! First of all, I didn't know the mullett was making a comeback...I must have missed that issue of Vogue. The front of his hair looked like the cut of any kid...trimmed, bangs straight across, what I would call a standard boy-cut. Then you see the rest. (This is where Kathleen and I differ.) To me it looked like the hair was down to his waist and Kathleen seemed to think that it was about mid back. Either way, it was a blatant mullett!! Only in Pace!

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