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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Great Adventure

I promised a certain someone that I would write all about my adventure last night when I got home, but I had to go to that I could get up for work today... so here it is...I am writing it from my 15 minute break at work.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Jessica (one of my neighbors) that they were going to Foley tonight to go shopping at the outlet without the kids and wasn't sure if I wanted to come along. Thursday is poker night for Taris, so I had nothing waiting for me at home for the evening. We hit the road around 5:15, Karen drove. (Now I usually get to Foley, AL by taking Hwy 98. It is the fastest way to case you ever have a need to shop while in Pensacola.) I was just along for the ride on this little trip...and assumed that the two gals had the route all mapped out....not so much! They had decided to take I-10, which you can...its just not as quick. You are supposed to take exit 44...we finally decided to turn around when we got to Mobile! (At exit 35!) I happen to be on the phone with my friend, Kathleen, who was kind enough to map quest it for us. She told us that we need to take exit 44, stay on Hwy 59 south, and we would see it on our left. We finally pulled into Tanger Outlet center at 7:00 pm. Now the stores are open until 9, so we split up and were going to meet up back at the car. By 8:45, my arms could not hold one more bag!

We decided to grab a bite to eat on our way home. We pull into Domino's pizza at 9:15 and proceed to inquire about the specials. They had the sign flashing "Hot and Ready Now" and ask what topping. The guy proceeds to tell us that they just never turned off the sign and reminded us that it IS 9:15 and they are closing soon we were stupid for inquiring. Then we ask what the special is that the sign by the road states: "$7 large, single topping pizza all night". The same guy proceeds to tell us that down at the bottom it says Wednesday only. (Really! Its Thursday...walk your butt out there and take it down!!) We finally decide on the Brooklyn pizza special for $9.99. When he rings it up, he tells us that it will be $13.75. A little confused, Jessica asks how the price could jump so high! He says that he rang it up wrong and quotes us the new price. We finally get the pizza, eat in Karen's car, and head home.

I got home around 11 pm...I am usually in bed by 8:30 (9 at the latest) on a work night. I had the best time, great adventure, ready to do it again. But time I'll navigate!

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