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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Tree

We have this tree in the back yard that is dead.  It is technically on county property, but they refuse to come and remove it.  No problem for Taris, it is a great excuse for him to go buy a new chain saw!  Yea!  The problem is, we bought this chain saw at least six months ago and had never cut down the tree!

The day came.  The neighbors came over and the boys got out their tools.  Slowly but surely, the tree came down.

It came down and did this!

They found a nail that had grown into the tree from when it was little.  Taris was fascinated.

We disturbed two poor flying squirrels and so we planted them on the next tree over.  I hope that they are ok.

Here is a better look at one of them.  The first disappeared into the tree, but the second one looked like it was having a heart attack.  It was afraid to move.  So sad.

Taris cutting up the tree a little.

They even fixed the fence!  A temporary fix until the fence guy can come out.

Just call him Taris...lumber jack.

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