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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goodbye T-34

Thursday afternoon was Taris' final flight in the T-34.  He is now officially done in the squadron.  I am so sad.  It makes this so final and puts how close he is to leaving in perspective!  I was able to get off from work early and witness the wetting down.  We were in such a rush to get out of Dyess AFB that Taris never had a final flight in the C-130, so I am glad he was able to have on at Whiting.  It has been freezing over the past two weeks and it just happened to warm up for one day...on Thursday.  (When I say warm up, I mean from 30-40 all the way up to 65.)  I got some great pictures and even attempted to use PhotoShop to upgrade/fix them.  (Our computer is so slow, that I usually skip this step.  But seeing as how one of my resolutions is to figure out how to use the program, no time like the present!)

Emptying his pockets

Fire Extinguisher...before the bucket of ice water

Out of the tank...nasty water

Our last T-34 picture together

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