The Hawkins Family

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Star Wars- the condensed version

I found this through YouTube. This little girl is a hoot! I hope that all die hard Star Wars fans enjoy!


The Powell Family said...

So, I am just now responding to your comment from ages ago because I'm awful like that. Actually we've been in the process of moving to Abilene and are finally getting settled. So, now I feel like I can actually have some sit down blog time! How fun that you are in Florida. Now as soon as I saw your blog I was totally confused. Did you grow up in Abilene? Is your sister Rachel Perkins??? If so I've totally messed up because I've been calling Rachel, Estee for over a year. I guess she didn't have the heart to tell me??? Wow. Please tell me you have a name twin that lives in Abilene. I'm horrified!! I'm totally embarrassed. Anyway, hope you are enjoying FL. I'm so jealous of anyone that lives next to water, and I don't mean a self dug tank in the backyard. Ha, ha, ha! Great to hear from you!

The Powell Family said...

Okay, yep I'm positive. I just went through your entire blog and read up about your SISTER! I'm such a dork!!! Totally embarrassed. If you talk to her, tell her I'm too embarassed to apologize and that I'm really not that much of a space cadet. Well, after this, maybe I am. UGH.