The Hawkins Family

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Princess Party

Well, I made my first paying gig cake today...technically last night! I was up until 1:00AM working on it. It was for one of the little girls in our neighborhood, Bella. She was having a princess party and her mom wanted petit fours. (By the way to all of you moms out there...they are from the devil and you should stick to regular or sculpted cakes!) Anyway, there was no instruction, I had free reign. My neighbor, Gina, and my friend, Kathleen, came over last night and really helped out. We had the best time. I actually made muffins, sliced off the top to make it smooth, inverted them, and decorated them. They really looked good! I delivered them this morning at 10:00. The parents were very surprised. They liked them a lot and compared me to "that guy on Ace of Cakes". (They weren't Duff Goldman quality, but I REALLY appreciated the compliment.) As Bella's mom said, they are so much better than what she too! Wow, after reading everything that I wrote I sound a little too big for my britches! Anyway, a BIG THANK YOU to Gina, Kathleen, and Sara Lee (Gina's daughter) for their help and company. Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead and I have no pictures. They got some at the when I get them I will post!


The Perkins' said...

Sounds like you are quite the creative person! I always knew that you were. First you start a cake class, then sewing. Now you have actually put those lessons to good use and made a beautiful cow purse and now this princess cake. I have got to see some pictures as soon as you get some. Enjoy another week of work. Talk to you later-love you!

Brandon & Dee said...

Way to go! My only attempt at petit fours resulted in a big mess, my icing wouldn't set. Luckily, they were for my brother and not a paying customer, so it wasn't a crisis. I can't wait to see pictures!