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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Frontier State

Today marks the 141st anniversary of the purchase of Alaska from the Russians. You ask yourself...why would I be writing about this? Well, I write in honor of my good friend and college roommate, Davita, who recently became an Alaskan resident. (She was always SO much more adventurous than me!) So with that are some fun facts that were on CBS Sunday Morning. (Disclaimer: I don't usually pay attention to this show, but my allergies are really bad right now and opted to rest at home rather than go to church this morning.)

Alaska was purchased by a man with the last name of Seward for 7.2 million back in 1867...can you imagine that much money now, much less what that would translate to in today's dollars from 1867! The great gold rush began in 1890. In 1925, a sled dog named Balto saved a town by delivering medicine...which led to the creation of the annual Iditarod race in his honor. On January 3, 1959 Alaska officially became the 49th state in the union! In 1968, oil was discovered in the state, which prompted the creation of the pipeline to Valdez. Which led to 1989 (finally a date I can relate to and remember)...the Exxon Valdez Accident. I certainly hope that you enjoyed the fun facts of Alaska! Davita I hope that you had a big celebration for purchase day. I miss you!

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Davita said...

I didn't even know some of these facts about Alaska! : ) One of my favorite places in Alaska is Seward (the city...named after the man)...and...I went to the Iditarod start this year! This post made me smile...thanks.