The Hawkins Family

Monday, July 19, 2010


Life has been pretty uneventful these days...not that I am complaining.  We are going on day 81 now of the 365 days that Taris will be gone for this little adventure.  Time seems to be CRAWLING!  I have to admit that 90 days seems way too far off into the future.  I honestly think that part of it has to do with this weekend.  This Saturday I hit a milestone...I turn 30!  (It hurts just to write that.)  Normally Taris not being here for a holiday/birthday is not a big deal.  (This certainly isn't the first time.)  But, there is something about turning 30 that changes things. 

I have been thinking about everything that I planned to have accomplished by this age.  Notice I said what I planned.  I have been re-evaluating what God's plan for my life is.  Taris and I have been throwing around where we want to move when he gets back.  It isn't like we have a TON of options, but the few we have all come with their own pros and cons.  I am constantly praying for guidance and for Taris to have guidance to make the right decision for our family.  I want to start a family...and start the adventure of adoption.  I want to find my passion for life again...and make it a priority. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love my life so far.  I love my job and the challenges it brings.  I love our girls.  And I love my neighbors and friends that I have made here.  I certainly could not make it for one year alone in a place four states away from family without them.  (I just wish Taris was here too...he owes me one big shindig when he gets back!)

Here is to the days passing by a little faster.


Tonia Hobbs said...

Thinking of you while he's gone. . .

Brandon and Dee said...

Hey Estee, I am praying for you as you spend this year with Taris so far away!

I want to catch up with you sometime! We are trying to start our family and we are not getting very far. Brandon and I are thinking about going ahead and pursuing adoption instead of further fertility treatments.

I hope that you have a happy 30th! I'll be praying for you!!!!