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Saturday, July 10, 2010


On Wednesday, I completed our Financial Peace University class.  We met for twelve weeks and learned how to be Gazelle intense with our budget, what to look for in your retirement savings, and the joy of giving (this is the part that I am looking most forward to).  With Taris deployed, we had already come up with a plan to be debt free before he came home.  (We have some huge hurdles that have to be overcome when he gets back.  It will be time to move, which means...paying the difference on the awesome house that we (like everyone else in Florida) overpaid for, a down payment for a new one (and who knows WHERE that might be), and having enough money in our emergency fund (because wouldn't you know that our renters will be moving out about when we will be...really?!?!).  My ultimate goal is to not work at our next location so that we can either work on getting pregnant or adoption...which ever we are lead to.  I am excited to announce that after being so motivated and heading straight down the Gazelle intense path, we should be debt free by September!!  I can't wait to scream...We are DEBT FREE!!!  In the twelve weeks that I attended FPU, Taris and I were able to pay $13,672.  After seeing what we are capable of in 12 weeks, it is easy to stay on a roll.  We have even stashed away almost two months in our emergency fund.  If you have never heard of Dave Ramsey, I would strongly recommend that you check out his could change your life.

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