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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello, North Carolina! and Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, Taris and I headed to Jacksonville, NC to see James, Sara, and Cyana.  (James is stationed at Camp LeJeune.)  Taris' parents met us up there as well from Frisco, TX.  We arrived late on Christmas Eve and headed home on December 27th.  We had a fantastic time getting to know Cyana and catching up with James and Sara.  They were wonderful hosts...Cyana let us use her bed and room while we were there.  (At one point, she asked if we were staying for two weeks.  She is SO funny!)

We woke up to Cyana knocking on our door Christmas morning wanting us to get up so that we could open presents.  Boy did she make out this year.  I think that she may have gotten every toy known to man...and we played with all of them.  We got her a Magna Doodle Pro (Mason loves his), a kid proof digital camera (that she couldn't stop using), and of course clothes (what every kid loves to open).  She is VERY into Tinkerbell and got a Tinkerbell house.  She got My Little Pony, a Fur Real cat, Veggie Tales movies, a remote control car, and an art easel.  Not one gift got more play time than the other.

Cyana waiting for dinner

Our Christmas spread

Beejae...prepared our feast

Taris and I volunteered to clean up the kitchen after  (Sad to say this is my only picture!)

I volunteered Taris and James to clean the kitchen after dinner

Thanks again to James and Sara for putting us up at the house.  We had a fantastic time and you were gracious hosts.  Can't wait to come back to visit!

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