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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas came early!!

In case you don't know the background on me, I have NO patience to wait to open presents!  Since Taris and I would be spending Christmas with his family in North Carolina, we opened gifts on the 23rd.  I was SO excited!  I love giving gifts...and getting.  Because Taris is taking his yearlong remote, I didn't want to get him anything that he couldn't take with him.  He specifically asked for Blu-rays and XBox games...he is going to leave the PlayStation here for me to use. 

I got home...after my hair appointment to find that Taris had "cooked"...he picked up ribs from our favorite (outside of Harold's) BBQ place...Big Daddy's.  After eating...I should say inhaling my food I was ready to go!

The first gift that greeted me was an inversion board.  I have scoliosis...a back issue...and am constantly needing Taris to adjust my back.  Since he won't be here next year, he got me the inversion board as a replacement.  (I have been asking for one.)  I think that he loves it more than I do.  I caught him on it several times before we actually left for the airport.

I also asked for a Kindle.  It is a device that allows you to download books, magazines, newspapers, etc. and read them when you like.  It takes up NO space...which is awesome because I have no more space on my bookshelves and you can delete any book from your Kindle, but still have it stored on the Amazon website...awesome.  The best is able to download a book worldwide!   A bonus for all of you military people out there.

I got movies, some new cooking utensils, and a creme brulee torch set...I love me some Creme Brulee!!

Taris cleaned up quite nicely as well.  I think that he got enough movies to last a lifetime and a ton of games.  I should have plenty to keep him busy. excited that we were at her level

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