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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Friday

So on Thanksgiving day the family sat around Maw-maw's house investigating our best plan of attack for Black Friday.  We had fun looking through all of the adds and figure out who had the best deals on what.  It was decided that Wal-mart would be our jump off point, then branch off from there.  Rachel and Kayla both needed new lap tops, Ashley wanted to check out the $10 Blu-Rays, and I saw a Kodak 12 mp digital camera to send with Taris to the desert.  Wal-mart did things different this year.  They actually never closed and set-up stations through out the store for certain items and handed out tickets.  I arrived at 3 AM and my reward was number 2 in line.  (I know, you think that I am crazy, but I will say this...the closer you are in line, the faster you can check out and get down the road.)  I picked up a couple of other things, but I can't mention them since Christmas gifts have been given out yet.  After Wal-mart, I headed to Target.  They had a 500 MB portable external hard drive and a few other not to be mentioned at this time.  I finally headed to Best Buy where I did the most damage...shocker.  Best Buy had some awesome deals on Blu-Ray movies and television season dvds.  By 7:15, I was on my way to La Popular for some breakfast burritos.  (The BEST ones in Abilene.  I do miss my Mexican food!)  I was back in bed for a two hour nap by 8 AM.  Hope everyone had their own success on Black Friday...or Cyber Monday!

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