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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Charlotte USO

The plane that we were taking as a connection from Charlotte to Pensacola was coming in from JFK, which was delayed due to weather out of JFK and was not even scheduled to take off from JFK until 3:30.  So, our 4:10 departure from Charlotte was just not going to happen!  With over four hours to kill, Taris decided to introduce me to the USO.  An area available to all military members and there families at all major airports as a place to relax, play games, watch movies and send email/surf the web.  I have always seen the commercials on the television, but never seen a USO in action.  Wow!  They are amazing.  The friendliest people who care about making your stay as nice as possible.  There are people from all over here getting their last fill of home.  If you live in a "big city" with a USO, I encourage you to get involved.  I would bet that you will get more out of it, than the people that you will serve.

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Kathleen said...

They have a pretty decent USO in Pensacola. We have sat in there a couple of times while waiting for Steve's plane to arrive.