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Friday, June 4, 2010

Visiting Abilene

For Memorial Day, I headed to Abilene to see the family and finally meet my newest nephew.  It was a whirlwind trip, but I had a super fun time.  I was in Abilene on Saturday and Sunday and went home Monday morning.

Of course, we stopped at Harold's for lunch!

Enjoyed home cooked family meals...

Caught up with great friends...
Kera and I

Played with Sassy. Rae and Mike's dog that will probably run away from home soon if they continue to add more humans to her house!
Rae and Mike used to live behind us at 750 1/2. They lived there when
they first brought Sassy home and Abbie and Sassy would play through
the fence.

Played with the kids...
Mason loved showing off his gymnastic skills on
his trampoline that Rae and Mike brought back from
FAO Schwartz in NYC.

Mason loves playing with blocks at Grams and Pops
house.  So many good memories...we grew up with
these blocks.  Glad to see that they are getting some use.

Kendall loved playing with Mason's toys.  Mason loved
sharing, until he realized that she was going to put
everything in her mouth!  The next time Kendall came over
Mason told Rae that she needed to get out the wipes
for his toys.  He is SO her kid!

Kendall chewed on anything she could get in her
mouth.  Turns out she was cutting three teeth!

Mason showed me his NEW sand in his sand box.  He is all boy.  He also had
to show me all of his rocks.

Kendall loves her tea pot

Mason loves Cassie.  She is so patient with kids and
doesn't lick and run like Sassy.

Of course, I came to meet my newest nephew...
Tucker Alan Perkins
Isn't he a cutie?!

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