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Friday, April 30, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop

Welcome to the MilSpouse Blog Hop!
It's easy to join in on the fun:

* Post a brief bio on your blog introducing yourself. (My bio is below.)

* Look for the Linky list of blogs at {Riding the Roller Coaster} and add your blog name and URL.

* Follow any or all of the blogs on the list.

* For those you choose to follow, leave a comment letting them know you found them on the MilSpouse Blog Hop. Include your blog link in the comment to make it easier for them to return the visit.

* According to blogging etiquette, you should follow everyone who follows you. But this doesn't always happen. So please try not to harbor any ill feelings if you follow someone and they don't follow you back.


I am an almost 30-something wife.  (That age is painful to write!)  My husband is active duty Air Force and we are stationed in Florida.  We have three dogs: Abbie, Roxanne, and Kayce.  I am the Compliance Officer/Operations Manager of a local Credit Union.  (This job really keeps me on my toes!)  I am trying to learn Photoshop so that I can become a better digital scrapbooker.  I am currently holding down the fort while my husband is on a volunteer assignment.  I love husband would say too much.  I write about pretty much everything.


Jesse and Marissa said...

Hey! I'm following you via the blog hop :)

Heather said...

Following your blog via the MilSpouse Blog Hop! I look forward to reading more!

the Somarribas said...

Hey just started following your blog courtesy of the MilSpouse Blog Hop. I look forward to reading more!

Mrs Somarriba at

2003beachbunch said...

Stopping by from the blog hop! We lived in Pensacola for a few years! Love Florida! Hope you are enjoying it!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! I'm thrilled to be meeting so many mil spouses. It's so nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading more about you! Happy hopping!

Wife on the Roller Coaster

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via the Mil Spouse Blog Hop and a born and raised Floridian! :-) Looking forward to reading more!

ALW said...

I'm following your blog via the MilSpouse blog hop!

I can't wait to read more of your blog!


KC said...

New follower from the blog hop! Can't wait to read more of your blog.

The Wifey said...

I am following via the blog hop. I can't wait to read more. :-)

The Wifey @