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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Well, we barely survived day one, but if you know me...I am a slow learner. So we were up and running at the Magic Kingdom at 9:15...a little behind schedule. I was in such a hurry to get to Space Mountain, that we didn't really stop to look at anything for the first couple of hours.

Space Mountain was to be my highlight. I have not been on this ride since I was 8! We rushed over to the ride, to find out that it was closed. I don't mean closed for the day. Apparently the ride is getting a major overhaul...gutting it out. It closed right after the peak Christmas season and won't be open again until at least December...maybe January! Really?!?! People come to the Magic Kingdom specifically for this attraction...oh well. Anyway...

We rode all of the major highlights...Small World, Tea Cups...and some new ones...Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, saw Mike's Laugh Factory, and for dinner went to Epcot for Moroccan food! We even got to see Minnie and Mickey.

If you asked Taris what the highlight of this day was he would say Jerome Bettis...of NFL fame and currently a football commentator. Remember, I told Taris that I would ride all roller coasters and to see Mickey and Minnie we had to Toon Town. There was Goofey's Barnstormer kiddie coaster. So we get in line and who pulls in while we are waiting...I have to do a double take and nudge Taris. "Doesn't that guy look familiar? Where have I seen him before?" Well, that sealed the deal. Taris is like "Dude, that is Jerome Bettis. I have to get a picture!" He lets people cut in front of us so that we can snap some pictures. I have included the not so great pictures that we got...for the couple of guys that might be interested. I will say this, if you are famous Disney is the place to be. There are so many foreigners that unless you have global fame, no one really thinks you are really there. People thought that we were crazy...until Taris had to tell them who it was.

Enough about that, enjoy the pictures...

Cinderella's Castle

Taris and me with Mickey and Minnie

Jerome Bettis...take one with his son

Try two of Jerome didn't want his picture taken.

Me at the famous Walt and Mickey statue

Taris in Frontier Land

Waiting in line at the Space Ranger's a video game ride...pretty neat.

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