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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kendall Grace

Everyone has mentioned that they wanted an update on Kendall (and Alexis) here we go.

Alexis was to be released from the hospital yesterday, but her blood pressure was not cooperating, so she got another night! She should go home today, but I haven't recieved confirmation yet.

Kendall is a fighter. They gave her some meds to help her lungs develop..and they look great. She is in the process of recieving medication to help her heart develop...and is taking to it well. She has been spending some time under the light as well, and does not enjoy the eyewear.

Mom is amazed at how structured the NICU is. Every day there is a specific schedule of events. They have enjoyed "touch time" daily and Alexis has had the opportunity to change Kendall's diaper.

I appologize, I am updating the blog from my phone and thus don't have any pictures to share, but when I get home I wil post one...I should be getting some new ones.

Keep praying..miracles are continuing to happen!

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Brandon and Dee said...

I am praying for precious Kendall and her family! Our God is amazing, and I am praying for amazing things to be done. Looking forward to hearing updates!