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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation 2009

Well, I am embarrassed to say that Taris and I have not had a REAL vacation in over six years...and so here we go. For those of you that may not know, Taris and I bought a time share a couple of years ago tinking that it would force ua to take a vacation...yeah right! Bless the banking industry and their rule of taking one full week of here we are.

We called in our dog sitter, whom the dogs adore, and have hit the open road. We are taking advantage of the awesome offer that Disney is offering Military members...Taris goes for free and I can get a 5 day park hopper for only $ do you say no to that. We are surviving so far, but we are certainly feeing our age! I can't wait to get back, to see the dogs, but Taris says it feels like we just got here. Having the time of our lives. As soon as we get back and I am not updating this blog from my phone, I will post pictures. To be continued...

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