The Hawkins Family

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pray for Alexis

I don't normally talk about family on this thing. I figure if they want it all over the internet, they would do it themselves. But I am envoking my exception rule...Alexis is the oldest sister and is pregnant right now..with what I can only assume is one of the most beautiful baby girls. She is currently in a hospital in Dallas on bed rest until the baby comes. Now, if that was due in the next few days...that would be great, but she isn't due until early July. Right now it is a daily check of the blood work and sonogram. She is holding her own, but still of concern. As of yesterday, they looking at taking baby Rogers this weekend, but Al seems to be doing better today. Please keep her, Ashley, and baby Rogers in your prayers. Thanks. I hope to have better news on my next update.


Kathleen said...

Hey Girl!! Wow a lot has changed since I talked to you last. I hope that Alexis and the baby are doing well. You are all in my prayers!

DavitaJo said...

Oh wow! I'll be praying for her! I'm not in Dallas...but I know so many people that are if there is ANYTHING she needs. Keep us updated!