The Hawkins Family

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Newest Addition

So last summer, Taris and I decided that our yard needed a deck. Taris had talked the year before about doing it himself, but he had a realization and we found a wonderful guy to hire. So, after one year of being up in the yard, we FINALLY got around to staining it. We got Taris a fancy paint sprayer just for the project. And in just a couple of hours...right before the rain, we got it all finished. Enjoy the before and after.

Before the deck


The special spot for the grill

Taris...ready to stain

All finished...and put back together


The Perkins' said...

I love the deck and stain! Tell Taris he did a good job. It looks so fancy with the grill spot! I like it!

Chad & Jennifer said...

Wow! Very nice and I love the dark stain!