The Hawkins Family

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Major Excitement

After months of updating, waiting, and finger-nail biting (me, not Taris)...we got the word we were hoping for. Taris has been waiting on word from the Major's Board...he will be promoted to Major (sometime in 2009)! We are so excited! It is a long story and some excellent lessons have been learned which we have passed on to as many friends that we could...but we are stress free now. Now we just have to see if we get to extend or pack up the family for our next adventure. As nice as it would be to stay, I am getting a little antsy to make another move again. (We won't know anything until at least January.) Anyway, just wanted to pass on our little news!

More posts to come soon! I promise.


Brandon & Dee said...

Congrats guys! I am so excited for y'all! I have to say that the night we chased that "person" was hilarious! I can still remember sitting in that alley and laughing hysterically when we realized that Beeda's foot was on the brake. But, finding out we were chasing the wrong person was even more crazy. Ahh, the memories!

The Perkins' said...

WOW! Major Hawkins...that is so exciting! I want all the details when we visit! Tell Taris congratulations!