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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lt John Alley

I haven't written anything on the blog in a while. I have struggled this week on what would be appropriate and right considering the circumstances that have been this past week. This time last week, I received a call from a friend from our squadron that one of the pilot training students, Lt. John Alley, was missing. The police found his car on Saturday morning, but no sign of him. We spent Sunday hanging fliers and speaking with people about John and getting his information out. On Monday, we went to a Memorial Day Celebration in Milton and passed out fliers, and then headed to their church for another canvasing. While there and preparing to headed to our assigned locations, a call came in. John had been found. A 16 year old fishing along the Escambia Bay found his body in the water. It has been a difficult week for all of us in the squadron.

After helping the family with whatever was asked, I have come to know a little about them. I have met John's beautiful wife, Emily, who found out on Friday that they are having a boy and I have met both John and Emily's families. It makes my heart ache even more for them and this time that they are having to go through. They had a beautiful memorial service for him on Saturday morning. After the ceremony, we went out to see the missing man formation with T-34's. They are having the funeral and burial in the Salt Lake City area (where they are both from) this week. There are questions that may never be answered, but I pray that the family can find peace and comfort as time goes on.


aida said...

oh man that is sad :( our prayers go out to the friends and family

Anonymous said...

John was a friend of mine when he lived in Colorado Springs for a few years. HE was a fellow church member, rock climer, camper, and Boy Scout.

I will always rember John for his dedication, and good nature. There was not anyone who he seemed to dislike; rather he was always helping others and showed a love for so many strangers.

John will be missed.

Anonymous said...

me entere de su muerte, me da tristeza la muerte de este misionero, lo conoci cuando estuvo en Venezuela en el pueblo de upata.

Familia Durant