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Monday, June 30, 2008


It is blueberry season out here in Florida and I have been taking full advantage. So far I have been three times and my freezer is now stocked for a year! I certainly understand why blueberries cost so much in the store...major manual labor! The first little spot was out in Molino...a town smaller than Pace (if you can believe it)! It is about a twenty minute drive, but for $1.00 per pound you won't hear me complain. The blueberry plants were very close together and we were in much need of some OFF. The second place was between Milton and Jay...and across the street from a pecan farm...awesome!! Although these blueberries were $1.50 per pound...I could certainly justify the price different. The rows were spread out, maintained, and they have about twenty different varieties...who knew there were so many types of blueberries. Enough about blueberries. I will stop before I put everyone to sleep. I have posted some pictures below for your viewing enjoyment!

Part of our gang...before the fun began.

Me after we were done. It was a LITTLE toasty out there!!

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